Micronutrients Support Brain Injury Recovery

A prominent psychiatric publication, “Complementary and Integrative Treatments in Psychiatric Practice“, published in 2017 by the American Psychiatric Association, features broad-spectrum micronutrients as “crucially involved in…enhancing a diverse range of normal brain functions”.

Published by the American Psychiatric Association as a modern textbook for integrative clinicians, “Complementary and Integrative Treatments in Psychiatric Practice” discusses evidence-based therapies and features a chapter on the neurotrophic effects of micronutrients and their role in improving patient outcomes.
complementary and integrative treatments in psychiatric practice broad spectrum micronutrients
Over 30 independent medical journal publications support the clinical use of broad spectrum micronutrients for the treatment of a wide range of brain-related disorders.  Further, the text specifically mentions the safety and effectiveness of a NutraTek™ enhanced formulation also known as NeuroSpectrum™360.

Broad Spectrum Micronutrients vs. Single Element Therapies

The authors begin their narrative on micronutrient research by examining evidence with respect to single element therapy, wherein patients supplemented with one or a few individual nutrients rather than a broad spectrum blend.   In the case of broad spectrum versus individual element therapies, the text relies on prevailing research which shows that providing individual nutrients to the body “can be disruptive by creating imbalances…”.

The authors also note that “A broader range of micronutrients is more likely to provide more pervasive physiological changes, including more wide-ranging enhancements of central nervous system (CNS) activity.  Broad-spectrum mineral-vitamin combinations have been evaluated for treating violent behavior and conduct problems, ADHD, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, autism spectrum disorder , and substance use disorders.  Broad-spectrum interventions have also been examined in nonclinical (“normal”) populations for improving mood, cognition, sense of well-being, and stress tolerance.”

Desirable Characteristics of Broad-Spectrum Micronutrient Formulations

According to the text, the most effective broad-spectrum micronutrient formulas typically consist of the following characteristics, all of which are embodied in NeuroSpectrum™360:

  • At least 10, preferably more (25 or so), minerals and vitamins.
  • Individual ingredient doses exceeding the RDA.
  • Balanced ratios.
  • High bio-availability.
  • High quality control.
  • Absence of citrus bioflavonoids which interfere with drugs.
  • Availability of peer-review studies on safety and efficacy using comparable formulations.

Brain Injury Recovery & Neurotrophic Effects

Research has found that “the neurotrophic effects of micronutrients could improve neuronal growth and survival” (Halliwell et al. 2009).  The study examined the recovery of rats post perinatal brain damage and found that “if fed chow with broad-spectrum micronutrients throughout their lives…the rats show more anatomic recovery and more motor and cognitive funtional recovery than rats on normal diets.”  (Halliwell and Kolb 2003).  The authors note, “Speculatively, this finding could have clinical implications for children with neurobehavioral sequelae of prenatal or perinatal brain injury and for adults with traumatic brain injury.”

Anti-Aging Properties

Beyond behavioural health and injury recovery, research done by Dr. Bruce Ames demonstrated that micronutrient deficiencies can increase oxidative damage to nuclear and mitochondiral DNA, “causing metabolic changes in multiple organ systems, chronic inflammation, neuronal deterioration, cancer, and accelerated aging.”  Dietary intake of broad-spectrum micronutrients like NeuroSpectrum™360 has been shown to slow these changes.  (Ames 2010).

NeuroSpectrum™360 Fits the Bill

The high quality ingredients, scientific balance and specialized processing of the NeuroSpectrum360 formulation provide a uniquely effective delivery system which has been shown to improve clinical outcomes across a wide range of brain related disorders.  Patients suffering from brain injury, and those with increased nutritional needs have been shown  to benefit greatly from clinical doses of broad spectrum micronutrient therapy.

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