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No! Patients and physicians can order from our website.

Some individuals see dramatic results within a few days; however, NeuroSpectrum™360 typically produces results* gradually over a period of several months (and sometimes longer for certain conditions). Dozens of medical journal publications have reported impressive results in people who took predecessor versions of this formulation at recommended levels for at least 8 weeks.† But it’s safe to say that no one will see the full benefits of NeuroSpectrum™360 in just 8 weeks— many people continue to report subtle improvements for for years.

The recommended clinical dose of NeuroSpectrum™360 —4 capsules, 3 times per day, with meals— is based on extensive experience addressing a wide variety of symptoms in thousands of people, including adults, adolescents, and children. Ages 1-3 years should only take 4 capsules daily, ages 4-5 years should take 8 capsules per day, age 6 years and older may take 12 capsules per day. Independent university research has shown that people respond best, particularly in the first few months, by consistently taking the recommended dose.

Occasionally, when people begin taking NeuroSpectrum™360, they may have looser stools than usual for a few days, but as the body adjusts to the additional nutrients this typically normalizes, much as it does when you introduce a new food to your diet. It is also normal for a person’s urine to be brighter yellow in color while they are taking NeuroSpectrum™360. This is a harmless side effect of taking vitamin B2 (riboflavin).

NeuroSpectrum™360 is specially formulated to meet the needs of individuals who have higher than average genetic needs for certain essential nutrients. We’ve been careful to ensure that all the vitamin and mineral levels are safe according to nutrient safety data published by the US Institute of Medicine and other scientific authorities on nutrient safety. Independent research also shows that the levels in NeuroSpectrum™360 are safe.†*

The short answer is yes. However, people who take NeuroSpectrum™360 will likely have a reduced need for most medications over time – especially psychiatric medications. As a result, people will feel over-medicated unless they reduce their psychiatric medication doses accordingly.* Doctors and researchers have found that when people are taking NeuroSpectrum™360 the best overall outcome is almost always achieved when all psychiatric medications are completely removed. See the Clinical Reference Guide for complete instructions on medication reduction protocols and interaction management.

Most likely. However, it’s important to monitor all patients taking medications simultaneously with NeuroSpectrum™360. Taking nutrients might change their medication needs. For additional information on taking other medications with NeuroSpectrum™360 see Section 8.2 Non-psychiatric medications in the Clinical Reference for Healthcare Professionals.

Yes. If your patient is experiencing gut problems like constipation or diarrhea, you’ll need to get their gut healthy to benefit the most from NeuroSpectrum™360.

For additional information on gut health, see Section 8.5 Gastrointestinal Problems in the Clinical Reference for Healthcare Professionals.

NeuroSpectrum™360 has been proven in research and in clinical practice to address symptomology rooted in the central and peripheral nervous systems. Published research shows powerful treatment effects for anxiety, stress, attention, behavior and mood disorders and preliminary research shows promise for addition recovery, autism spectrum disorders, insomnia and traumatic brain injury. The broad range of clinical uses for NeuroSpectrum™360 is likely due to its comprehensive mode of action, namely incredible neurotrophoic effects resulting in dramatic return of function to compromised neurological tissue.†*

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Over 30 independent medical journal publications back the NeuroSpectrum™360 formulation.†
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