NeuroSpectrum™360: Unleash Your Brain’s Potential™

Carrick Institute is proud to offer a synergistic nutritional formulation designed to stabilize and optimize neurological function.

Why Trust NeuroSpectrum™360?

Research Backed

NeuroSpectrum™360 is a NutraTek™ enhanced micronutrient formulation, which means it is backed by extensive clinical research.

 Now over 30 medical journal publications show that NeuroSpectrum™360 is an effective micronutrient therapy for neurological stability and recovery.†

Clinically Effective

High quality ingredients and specialized processing make NeuroSpectrum™360 much more powerful than over-the-counter supplements, making it ideal for therapeutic use.*

Physicians who use this combination of micronutrients with their patients have consistently reported positive clinical outcomes.†

Exceptional Balance

NeuroSpectrum™360 is not a mega-dose of nutrients.  Rather it is a carefully balanced combination of research-backed nutrients at the levels clinically proven to support neurological health.† The broad-spectrum synergy of essential nutrients in this formulation is a key component to its success.


NeuroSpectrum™360 includes all the vitamins and minerals science has shown are essential for humans, at levels required to stabilize and optimize neurological function.*

Research and clinical outcomes on NutraTek™ based micronutrient formulations† show that they are safe for children and adults.  It is also GMO-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan.

30+ Independent Medical Journal Publications Back Clinical Micronutrients

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Improve Patient Outcomes With Micronutrient Therapy

Many healthcare professionals are recommending NeuroSpectrum™360 to patients because of the overwhelming clinical outcomes backing NutraTek™ enhanced formulations.†

Dr. Julia Rucklidge, who has done extensive research on David Hardy's NutraTek™ enhanced formulations† shares some of her findings on the TEDx stage in Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • Allergen-Free

    Rest assured that NeuroSpectrum™360 is top 8 allergen free as well as sugar free, and comes in veggie caps.

  • 13 Vitamins

    All 13 vitamins are present in clinical levels – balanced to each other to deliver maximum synergistic effect*.

  • 16 Minerals

    The 16 key minerals essential for every human process are microground and chelated for ultimate absorption.

  • Proprietary Blend

    In addition to essential vitamins and minerals, the combination of antioxidants, bontanicals, amino acids and trace minerals solidify NeuroSpectrum™360 as the clear choice over nutritional supplements.

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